Empowering Diversity.

Empowering Justice.

Empowering You.

To understand Working Diversity, Inc. is to understand the trajectory of history.  It’s to understand that our society has been hierarchically structured and the long-term effects of this have flowed down the generations to our present day.  As a society, we are still working to dismantle the systemic disadvantages imposed by race, gender, class, sexual orientation, creed, physical ability, and other markers of social identity.

To see this multi-generational social legacy is also to see its corollary—a multi-generational legacy of economic disparity.  And while there have been many frameworks for addressing this disparity, one is pretty straightforward:  We build a more inclusive social and economic system by building more inclusive organizations.  We build more inclusive organizations by building organizational cultures that deeply value and tangibly work toward diversity.

To build inclusivity, an organization must develop a guiding diversity philosophy as much as a diversity business case.  At Working Diversity, Inc. we have found that an organization’s guiding philosophy, to be worthwhile, must be grounded in social justice principles.  We have also found a social justice grounding is essential to ensuring a diversity business case is economically sustainable.  Social justice and smart economic stewardship are not mutually exclusive—they’re mutually supportive.

At Working Diversity, Inc. we're committed to helping you build your organization's diversity just as we are committed to changing history's trajectory.  We invite you to change the trajectory with us.